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Joint Venture

Quercegen Pharmaceuticals Inc
The Company was founded in 2009 to build on the work done by Quercegen Pharma LLC whose know-how and patent portfolio was transferred to the Company. The Company’s main aim is to research and market Quercetin based products and other flavonoids and naturally sourced small molecules. Quercegen Agronegocios 1 LTDA, an affiliate of the Company, purchased the Natural Products Division of Merck SA, Brazil in 2009 and together with Quercegen Pharmaceuticals controls the agriculture, harvesting, purification, packaging and supply of Quercetin and certain other plant-based ingredients worldwide. This makes Quercegen a vertically integrated, “farm to table” operation.
FRS Nutracetical USA
In 2004, a group of health scientists found a way to deliver healthy, sustained energy to chemotherapy patients.

They developed and patented a powerful blend of antioxidants and essential vitamins that optimizes the body’s natural energy production at the cellular level. Because antioxidant molecules neutralize or "scavenge" free radicals to prevent and slow cell damage in the body, they called the formula FRS after these Free Radical Scavengers.


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